Could you tell me about the Zegnatronic Rocket Society?
That one might have some compilations at 130 galaxies from the solar system, and they might've came over here identifying some treasons committed against them by Clintons and friends ruling twelve galaxies guiltied of not paying myself as a movie star from the richest family during Clinton's administrations. So I might have a chance to have an impeachment, 2003, in February behind closed doors in Washington, to senators and house of representatives. And also, July the 26th of this year I was on the San Francisco Bay Guardian, and a photograph of my protest of an Ultratronic society. And on the San Francisco Chronicle, October 16th last year, there was a photograph of myself and my protest, on behalf of a Technitronic society. And on the SF Business Times, the last week of last year, my protest photograph of a Zegnatronic society, against Clintons and twelve galaxies. So, I was trying to get some verifications of some cameramen that I was videotaped by also. It might have been from channel 7, 5, and 54. And I was videotape.
  Can you tell me your name, sir?

My name is Frank Chu--it's on the San Francisco Bay Guardian two days ago.

MP3 of the above interview (with Acornhead)

A fairly in-depth Frank Chu page.

28 September 2000
A letter I received. Very interesting.

29 October 2000
Inspired by the above letter, I've just completed a list
of the 12 nearest galaxies to the Milky Way.

01 November 2000
I received a picture today.
Take a look.

03 January 2001
Acorn just alerted me to this little chunk of genius.
It requires Flash Player.

12 February 2001
Would you believe... Frank's Resume (.pdf).
Turns out, he likes the snow.

19 March 2001
Found this on craigslist.

12 April 2001
Finally, Frank gets his due!
You should come down. It'll be fun.

24 May 2001
Frank did get those new shoes after all
(see 12 April above). They gave him
a certificate as well.

05 July 2001
Another great frank-inspired tune by
the lazerquails

14 November 2002
A guy maned Dave Peck sent me this finely crafted tune the other day.
Sonic mayhem as an exploration of Frank Chu's inner monologue:


27 April 2003
Haven't added anything new for a while, but someone sent me this today.

Frank appears to have dropped the "-tronic" in favor of the "-gonic".
I wonder what this means. Maybe he's taken up a new cause, or just widened his neologistic vocabuly.

January 2004
God damn.
I was walking down Mission Street the other day, and walked past
a swanky looking club called 12 galaxies. I looked at their website, but found
no mention of Frank. I wonder if he's been there yet.